What our clients say…

You did a terrific job on our website. You’ve provided an incredible service in creating it and continuing to service us as we experience its profound impact on our business. You created the exact professional online image we strive for. I’m extremely impressed with the creative ideas you came up with, how flexible you were to work with, and how willing you were to fit into my schedule. Thank you for your one-on-one consultations, your creative vision and your faultless execution. It’s really paying off. I heartily endorse and unequivocally recommend CCDS Web to anyone looking for innovative, custom web design.–Thomas Kavala

As an Australian organization that also promotes in USA and Canada, I have tended to use Australian web designers to take care of our websites as well as updating and regular maintenance. Since meeting Christine Appleby and connecting to CCDSWeb, I have now moved my web design work entirely to CCDS Web! I have been pleased with the quality of work and most importantly also the individualized attention Christine gives to each of her projects. This was most important to me because I travel a lot and I want the luxury of making telephone or email contact about my site and have the necessary changes made without too much fuss. I recommend Christine and CCDSWeb whole heartedly! Do check out the extensive work done to the web site at www.mystudyaustralia.com–Joyce Noronha

My website has been on line for several years and during this time, I have used three other companies for hosting services. All save one provided competent and professional services for my web site. However, none came even close to those provided by my present host, CCDSWeb Design and its owner Christine Appleby. Not only has Christine consistently responded to my requests and concerns almost immediately, she also has completed my requests by the end of the day within which they were made. When working on my site I feel as if expert help is available from an associate in the next room instead of a vendor who lives across town. The confidence and piece of mind derived from working with a company like CCDSWeb Design is priceless and I cannot recommend them highly enough in consideration of how they have performed for me.–Alan Adaschik

CCDSWeb Design created the perfect website for my company. I have to say that working with them, was easy. They discovered my likes and more importantly my dislikes very quickly and I found them to be very easy and accommodating to work with. The CCDSWeb team are knowledgeable , thorough, and very conscientious about meeting my deadlines for the web site. I informed them that my knowledge of computers was limited and that they would need to lead the way and do most of the gathering of information. They accepted that fact and basically put the website together with very little imput from me. We have received so many compliments on the Web site that I must congratulate CCDSWeb Design for putting together a comprehensive, multi layered, and totally awesome site. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication and also very important ,being on time for all of the appointments. –Carole Brown

I searched for months to find a web design company that would fix and maintain my original website. CCDSWeb were the only company that I could find that was prepared to do that. They did everything I asked for and at a fair price. Every other company would only agree to sell me a new website and I would have had to lose all the money I had already spent. –Sandy Kaye


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