Standard Package

What is a “brochure” type website?

A standard or brochure type website can be useful both personally and in business.  This type of website is commonly known as a static website.  It’s primary purpose is to showcase your company and your services.  This type of website is a collection of connected web pages.   Brochure type websites are effective only when it is to act as a display for your products or services.  This makes it an ideal choice for smaller businesses who do not need to sell products online or change their website content frequently.  If you don’t need regular updates this option could be the best answer for you.

What are the advantages of a brochure style website?

    • # Cost effective…
    • # Browser friendly…
    • # Search engine friendly…
    • # Easy to navigate

Just because your website is static does not mean it has to be dull.  Our design team can create stunning designs to showcase your products and services, a website that will make you proud as well as a website that your customers can admire and find useful.

What will it cost?

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