What is E-commerce?

E-commerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance.  Electronic commerce is growing rapidly and something most of us have become accustomed to using.  Whether you are purchasing a flight from an airline or ordering a gift for a friend, you can sit at your computer and do so without ever having to leave the house.

If your business involves transactions electronically then our e-commerce package will be what you need.  If your business involves the selling or buying of commodities you need an E-commerce website.  The process is fairly complicated and the cost will depend on the amount of products/services you have to sell.  Your e-commerce website should provide the following:-

    • #A way to sell the product
    • # A way to accept orders
    • #A way to accept money – normally a merchant account handling credit card payments.  This requires a secure ordering page.  Payment can also be handled by Paypal.
    • #A way to provide a facility to ship products to customers.  In the case of software and information, however, fulfillment can occur over the web through a file download.
    • #A way to accept returns
    • #A way to provide customer service – often through email, on-line forms, frequently asked questions etc.

Please contact us directly to obtain a quote for your proposed e-commerce site.  Because of the complexity of the e-commerce setup, number of products and functionality, we provide a personal quote for our e-commerce services.  This way we can tailor individual needs and costs to fit our clients.