Domain Registration

What is a Domain Name

Domain names are almost like a postal address.  Your website address (or domain) has to be unique and unlike any other.  The domain represents both the web address of your website and the name your site visitors will use to refer to your website.   Once you have completed the domain registration the domain becomes yours for the period of the contract, usually one year.  Before registration expires it must be renewed or the domain reverts back to being available to the general public.  If CCDSWeb Design registers your domain name for you, we will automatically notify you when it becomes due for renewal.

domain registrationWe can arrange to check the availability of a domain name of your choice.  If the name of your choice is taken you can try some variations of the name, maybe with a different spelling or a hyphen.  The top level domain in the US ends with .com rapidly followed by .org and .net. Also differing countries have their own, for example “   Our advice here would be to keep it as short as possible and as meaningful as you can, you do want people to remember it after all!   If you can choose a name which contains a word that describes your business then that would be helpful with search engines.  In our opinion you should stick with one name – ideally the name of your business and ideally .com.  You may also consider buying any other key domain names associated with it – i.e. etc. Once you have decided on the name you would like to give to your website address (domain name) we will register that for you and remind you each year when it comes up for renewal.